Monday, February 19, 2018

John Daly sinks a hole in one at some golf event somewhere

No doubt with a cigarette between his lips, one hand on his crotch, one hand holding a drink and his third hand banging that 5-iron down the range to put one in the cup.

For those of you who don't follow golf at all -- I am barely aware of it myself --  John Daly is enormously talented and never sober after about 10 a.m. He also wears truly fabulous ugly pants, which he sells out of the trunk of his car at the tournaments he plays.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Yeah, it snowed yesterday

And, yeah, it's gone already. Only got about an inch, never got much below freezing and today the high was near 50, so the snow disappeared quickly. We've had about five or six snows this winter, none of them more than an inch or two. Some of them hung around for quite some time because we've had some prolonged cold weather several times this winter, but by and large this winter has been only slightly less disappointing, winter-weather-wise, than last winter, which basically was spring. Oh well. I can live without cold weather -- high school in Hawaii was great -- but if I live somewhere that is supposed to get cold, damn it I want it to snow. So far we've had some pretty good cold, but not snow. Not much luck the last couple years. The storms keep missing us by just a little bit.

Having said that, we'll probably get a blizzard in two weeks. Careful what you wish for.

After all they've said about sex, why does the left think we should care about this?

When Bill Clinton was getting his chops busted for getting some head in the Oval Office and then lying about it, Democrats far and wide told us it was just sex, that was personal and hey, everybody lies about sex anyway. Maybe they were just projecting, but that was their story, and they stuck to it.

Now stories are coming out that President Donald Trump, back in the day, might've banged a Playboy Bunny or maybe stuffed his schlong into a porn star, both while married to someone else.

Who fucking cares. Both allegations are about events more than a decade ago and involve only marital infidelity. I'm old enough to remember when President William J. Clinton was getting his root chuffed in the Oval Office, while president, and lefties and the press (but I repeat myself) all defended him. All I have to say is this: Here's the Playboy bunny:

Here's the porn star:

And here's what Bill was getting head from in the Oval Office:

OK,, she's not hideous, but I have to believe the leader of the free world could do better, especially while he was actually leader of the free world. Trump was just a rich guy at the time he supposedly tapped the above referenced hot chicks. And have you seen Melania?

Seriously, if my president can't keep his dick in his pants, I would much rather it be years before he was president with hot chicks than while he is president with a chick who could skip a meal. And please don't make me post a picture of Hillary. Just sayin'.

So many tiny countries, so few visits

As in none. I've been trying for forever to get a visit from Monaco, Kosovo, Montenegro, San Marino, Vatican City and Lichtenstein that I can't even begin to describe my frustration. Macedonia comes by, Andorra comes by. You guys are too proud? Not enough porn for you? I don't say "fuck" enough? Not enough naked chicks here? OK, I actually don't put up pictures of naked chicks, but I figure if I say "naked chicks" enough people will come by. It works for Russia. I get a spike in traffic from Russia every time I say "porn" or "naked chicks." Sure, it's spambots, but it's traffic. You telling me Monaco and San Marino don't have spambots? Shit.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Please, God, make it happen

Californians apparently are hoping for the next best thing to the state falling into the ocean:
Activists who want California to leave the United States have filed papers to set in motion a process they hope would end with Golden State voters deciding whether to secede in 2021.This is the second attempt at a “Calexit,” as supporters call their effort. The first measure died last year during the signature-gathering process.
Secession supporters, who say the Trump administration is specifically targeting their state, will begin gathering signatures to qualify a ballot question in 2020. That initiative would ask voters whether to hold a secession vote — and, if it passes, that vote would take place May 4, 2021.
The secession vote would instruct the state legislature to formally declare California’s independence from the United States.
I should say something here, but I really don't want to jinx things. Hoping for the San Andreas Fault to finally go apeshit and send half  of California into the ocean -- thank God, it would be the lefty half -- hasn't worked. Sure, it will eventually, but likely not soon enough. But if California cheerfully becomes the Republic of California -- hey, guys, see you later.  And for all of you Constitutional illiterates who think the American Civil War -- properly known as the War Between the States, as a civil war involves a divided nation rather than two related but separate nations -- put an end to the notion that a state could secede from the Union, I offer two things. First, read the Constitution. Yes, a state can secede. Second, please note that every state that joined the Confederacy had to be readmitted to the Union. If they lacked the right to secede and thus never left, why would that be necessary? Yeah, California can secede, and no one would ever vote to readmit them.

Too much to hope for.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

California man writes long blog post about government efficiency without a hint of irony

Apparently a Santa Ana, Cal. man recently posted a 5,000 word blog arguing in favor of government-run health care. The reason he had time to post such a long blog was that he was waiting for three hours to receive a two-minute service from his local DMV office. It seems to never have occurred to the man that government-run health care might resemble government-run driver's license services.

This moron, who has serious cognitive dissonance and must be completely unaware of the reality surrounding him, wrote:
“America is way behind the rest of the civilized world—we need universal healthcare and NOW. ... The United States government has more than proven its capability of running large-scale operations for its citizenry; for instance, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Post Office are stellar examples of efficiency and financial prudence. Also–almost forgot—Amtrak. Great performance and NO recent disaster incidents that come to mind. And NASA on top of that! If NASA weren’t doing a world-class job then you would expect a boom in private-company space exploration, to the point where NASA itself might come to rely on the private companies, even. Has anything like that happened? I think not. ... Someone just let me know when a PRIVATE company shoots the most powerful rocket by a factor of two into space. I won’t hold my breath!”
This story appeared in the Bablyon Bee on Feb. 8 -- less than a week ago. In the weeks preceding this remarkably ill-informed post, this moron, Ralph Dunkley, apparently was missing all of the news about Amtrak killing people left and right in recent months, as well as all of the news about how all of America's heavy-lift space launch capacity now depends upon Elon Musk.

Since the California DMV graciously gave Mr. Dunkley all that time to write his blog post, one hopes that he was appreciative when, after his three-hour wait, a computer glitch sent him to the back of the line to start all over again. Hell, I hope this guy gets his government-run health care. And I hope the DMV runs it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Not clear how ready for action China's fifth-generation fighter is

Apparently, China's J-20, which it claims is a fifth-generation, stealth fighter, is not exactly fully operational. Mind you, this isn't that unusual for advanced aircraft -- operational does not mean fully operational. But it is interesting in that China hasn't hedged its language on how ready the J-20 is:
It is unclear exactly how close the J-20 is to being truly operational. An initial operational capability is often a long way off from a fully operational capability. In the case of the fifth-generation Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter, the aircraft still had many teething issues when the U.S. Air Force declared it operational in 2005. Meanwhile, the tri-service fifth-generation Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, both the United States Air Force and Marine Corps declared their versions of the stealthy single-engine jet to be operational with a very basic interim capability. Only the U.S. Navy is holding out for a full warfighting capability before declaring their version of the F-35 operational. Thus, only time will tell just how operational the J-20 really is.
This isn't really all that unusual, obviously. Still, interesting given the absolutist language from China about how ready the J-20 is. Still, it is a good-look aircraft: