Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wow, ya think?

In the wake of a truly historic election loss -- not just in the presidential election, but in the U.S. Senate and House elections and, perhaps more importantly, state elections -- Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) seem to be realizing that they made several colossal mistakes, not the least of which was not running like the wind from their God-awful presidential candidate. She turned out not only to not have coattails, she was an anchor:
It’s now clear that Democratic strategists and the media spent too much time focused on the wrong question, asking how Republicans would separate themselves from their unpopular nominee, President-elect Donald Trump.
Instead of Trump being a drag on Republicans, Clinton became the anchor to which Democratic candidates willingly attached themselves. Despite her deep unpopularity throughout the campaign, no Democratic candidate for Senate ever tried to separate themselves from Clinton in any meaningful way.
The results are stunning in their consistency.
Clinton lost Pennsylvania, the first Democratic presidential nominee to lose the state since 1988, with 47.6 percent and a little more than 2.8 million votes. McGinty lost too, by almost the exact same margin, with 47.2 percent and about 50,000 fewer votes than Clinton. Clinton lost Wisconsin, with 46.9 percent, as did former senator Russ Feingold (D) in the Senate race, with 46.8 percent and 1,800 fewer votes than Clinton.
If The Washington Post notices that you got too close to a horrible liberal candidate, you really have a problem.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Castro dies, world rejoices, except for liberals

My full reaction is coming. Family prevented much blog posting over Thanksgiving weekend. Work has begun to interfere again now. Nonetheless, I will soon pee on Fidel's grave. Fear not.

Thanksgiving food porn

This is an incomplete post, because I didn't really focus on food porn pictures so much as I did putting a multi-dish dinner for 14 people on the table at the same time. It worked pretty well, with an assist from Minnesota Wolves:

Married Into Wolves and Cpl. Wolves also helped. The result was this beautiful 23-pount bird:

A squash casserole that failed to survive the evening:

A broccoli souffle that absolutely killed:

A pretty fricking good sweet potato casserole:

A green beans and bacon casserole that also disappeared:

Extra dressing (stuffing is in the bird, dressing is baked in a dish):

Some corn pudding to die for:

Of course, the gravy, mashed potatoes and desserts did not get captured on film. But dinner was magnificent, as was the gathering. If everyone in Eff You Nation had a Thanksgiving half as good, you had the time of your life. Cherish it.

Maybe she just doesn't like Slovenians

Liberals are always tolerant of other cultures and viewpoints, except when those viewpoints diverge from their own. Or course, we have no indication so far that Melania Trump has a viewpoint different from liberals, but liberals are already making that assumption. One liberal clothing designer of whom I have never heard is already taking that position:
This is a bold stance for Theallet, considering the designer has dressed First Lady Michelle Obama in the past, but in her open letter posted to her Twitter account today she made no bones about the fact that she will not be fashion to the incoming FLOTUS. In the letter, the designer writes, “As an independent fashion brand, we consider our voice an expression of our artistic and philosophical ideas. The Sophie Theallet brand stands against all discrimination and prejudice. Our runway shows, ad campaigns, and celebrity dressing have always been a celebration of diversity and a reflection of the world we live in.”
“I am well aware it is not wise to get involved in politics,” Theallet writes, “That said, as a family-owned company, our bottom line is not just about money. We value our artistic freedom and always humbly seek to contribute to a more humane, conscious and ethical way to create in this world.”
As Red State points out, the designer isn't taking a stand against intolerance, discrimination and prejudice. She simply is choosing who she will discriminate against. Shame bakers can't make the same choice base on religious beliefs.

Of course, since all designers are in business to make money, not all designers are morons willing to alienate roughly half of their potential customers. I guess some designers produce clothing that more actual people actually buy and wear, and so they exhibit more common sense:
Five days after Sophie Theallet became the first U.S.-based designer to publicly speak out against dressing incoming First Lady Melania Trump, Tommy Hilfiger came out in favor of a decidedly opposing stance. When asked about Theallet's comments at Monday evening's Angel Ball in New York City, Hilfiger told WWD: "I think Melania is a very beautiful woman and I think any designer should be proud to dress her."
I'm sure Sophie Theallet is every bit as tolerant as every other exploding-head screaming libtard, meaning tolerant of people who agree with her. I hope Tommy Hilfiger and other much wiser designers make a fucking fortune dressing Melania. I also hope Ms. Theallet, of whom I have never heard before, goes flat fucking busted-ass broke.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving created some odd bedfellows

An enormous number of people were in my not-enormous house for Thanksgiving, and the animals largely fled in terror to quiet spaces. Both of the sisters, Murder and Mayhem, kept out of sight and sought comfort where they could. Here they are, sleeping on Mrs. Wolves:

During the day, Jeb the Wonder Dog and the kit-tays still sought shelter, leading to some odd circumstances. Here, Mayhem shares a bed with Jeb the Wonder Dog:

Two extra dogs came for the feast, as did about 14 people, so most of my animals sought quiet spaces. Despite their reluctance, it was quite a celebration. More later.

Farmer John harvests his beans

Farmer John, who almost undoubtedly is not named John, harvested his soy beans a couple weeks ago. Mrs. Wolves captured some pictures for me, but it took me a while to get to them:

Same thing, father away:

A couple days ago, they disced the field. I think they planted winter wheat. I guess we'll see.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Mrs. Wolves sends me some cool stuff

This is Jimmy Fallon, Metallica and The Roots playing "Enter Sandman" using what seem to be  elementary school instruments: